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analytical Testing Shahbazker's Diagnostic Centre has installed state of art computerised X-Ray system at their centre. With this fully automatic CR system, Shabazker's is a digital and eco-friendly centre. At Shahbazker's,  x-rays are digitized and hence can be processed as required and printed on a Kodak DryView Laser Imaging System, which does not use chemicals or water for processing, thus helping to protect the environment.              
Digital X-Rays

Advantages of CR

  • Elimination of lost images
  • Simplification in the filing and archival of images
  • Increased capability for consultation made possible by electronic transmission
  • Consistent image density and contrast
  • More latitude to compensate for varying techniques
  • Image preview for positioning verification
  • Decreased repeat exams caused by over/under exposure
  • Improved image quality through digital image  processing techniques
  • Distributed image access
  • Ability to produce multiple "original" prints
  • Reduction in lost films
  • Entry to digital radiology and PACS
  • Possibility of printing multiple modalities on one film

  Digital X Ray

   digital X-Ray

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