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Health Checkup

Why Need A Corporate Health Check Up?

Odd hours of functioning and also an almost non-existent social life generates stress on people. The outcome is hypertension / high blood pressure, obesity and overweight, etc. which contribute to additional complications such as diabetes, heart disorders or cancers. Such conditions result in absenteeism and some work force.

Significance of Corporate Health Checkup

Working professionals from the corporate sector are increasingly falling prey to various lifestyle diseases like heart problems, hypertension, obesity and diabetes.

The causes behind these life-threatening diseases range from:

    • Lack Of Sleep

    • Personal And Professional Stress
    • Long Working Hours

    • Sedentary Lifestyle Choices

    • Physical Inactivity

    • Wrong Eating Habits, Etc.

    • This affects the employee’s enthusiasm and results in non-productivity impacting the company’s productivity as well.

It’s necessary for each company to keep and enhance employees’ health in order they stay loyal to the corporation and feel a feeling of belonging. The simplest way is by introducing health instead of treating them. One is advised to go for a routine checkup as lifestyle disorders are curable in character, even when the man is healthy.


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